Meetup is an online social networking portal that facilitates offline group meetings in various localities around the world. Meetup allows members to find and join groups unified by a common interest, such as politics, books, games, movies, health, pets, careers or hobbies.


API Paths

Categories (GET) /2/categories OpenAPI
Cities (GET) /2/cities OpenAPI
Concierge (GET) /2/concierge OpenAPI
Event Comment Flag (POST) /2/event_comment_flag OpenAPI
Event Comment Delete (DELETE) /2/event_comment/:id OpenAPI
Event Comment Get (GET) /2/event_comment/:id OpenAPI
Event Comment Unlike (DELETE) /2/event_comment_like/:id OpenAPI
Event Comment Like (POST) /2/event_comment_like/:id OpenAPI
Comment Likes (GET) /2/event_comment_likes OpenAPI
Event Comment v2 (POST) /2/event_comment OpenAPI
Event Comment Unsubscribe (DELETE) /2/event_comment_subscribe/:id OpenAPI
Event Comment Subscribe (POST) /2/event_comment_subscribe/:id OpenAPI
Comments v2 (GET) /2/event_comments OpenAPI
WebSockets Event Comments Stream (WS) /2/event_comments OpenAPI
Event Delete (DELETE) /2/event/:id OpenAPI
Event Get (GET) /2/event/:id OpenAPI
Event Edit (POST) /2/event/:id OpenAPI
Event Create (POST) /2/event OpenAPI
Event Rating (POST) /2/event_rating OpenAPI
Ratings v2 (GET) /2/event_ratings OpenAPI
Events (GET) /2/events OpenAPI
Group Photo Upload (POST) /2/group_photo OpenAPI
Groups (GET) /2/groups OpenAPI
Member Get (GET) /2/member/:id OpenAPI
Member Edit (POST) /2/member/:id OpenAPI
Member Photo Delete (DELETE) /2/member_photo/:id OpenAPI
Member Photo Upload (POST) /2/member_photo OpenAPI
Members (GET) /2/members OpenAPI
OpenEvents (GET) /2/open_events OpenAPI
OpenVenues (GET) /2/open_venues OpenAPI
Photo Album2 (POST) /2/photo_album OpenAPI
Photo Albums (GET) /2/photo_albums OpenAPI
Photo Comment v2 (POST) /2/photo_comment OpenAPI
Photo Comments v2 (GET) /2/photo_comments OpenAPI
Event Photo Delete (DELETE) /2/photo/:id OpenAPI
Event Photo Edit (POST) /2/photo/:id OpenAPI
Event Photo Upload (POST) /2/photo OpenAPI
Photos (GET) /2/photos OpenAPI
WebSocket Photo Stream (WS) /2/photos OpenAPI
Profile Delete (Leave Group) (DELETE) /2/profile/:gid/:mid OpenAPI
Profile Get (GET) /2/profile/:gid/:mid OpenAPI
Profile Edit (POST) /2/profile/:gid/:mid OpenAPI
Profile Create (Group Join) (POST) /2/profile OpenAPI
Profiles (GET) /2/profiles OpenAPI
RSVP Get (GET) /2/rsvp/:id OpenAPI
RSVP Create/Update (POST) /2/rsvp OpenAPI
RSVPs v2 (GET) /2/rsvps OpenAPI
WebSockets RSVP Stream (WS) /2/rsvps OpenAPI
Topic Categories (GET) /2/topic_categories OpenAPI
Venues (GET) /2/venues OpenAPI
ActivityFeed (GET) /activity OpenAPI
batch (POST) /batch OpenAPI
Cities (GET) /cities OpenAPI
Comments (GET) /comments OpenAPI
Dashboard (GET) /dashboard OpenAPI
Events (GET) /events OpenAPI
Find Events (GET) /find/events OpenAPI
Find Groups (GET) /find/groups OpenAPI
Find locations (GET) /find/locations OpenAPI
Topic Categories (GET) /find/topic_categories OpenAPI
Find Topics (GET) /find/topics OpenAPI
Find Upcoming Events (GET) /find/upcoming_events OpenAPI
Group Profile search (GET) /find/:urlname/members OpenAPI
Find Venues (GET) /find/venues OpenAPI
Groups (GET) /groups OpenAPI
Members (GET) /members OpenAPI
Get Member Profile (GET) /members/:member_id OpenAPI
Member Profile Edit (PATCH) /members/:member_id OpenAPI
Member Photo Delete (DELETE) /members/:member_id/photos/:photo_id OpenAPI
Member Photo Upload (POST) /members/:member_id/photos OpenAPI
Clicked Notifications (POST) /notifications/clicked OpenAPI
Notifications (GET) /notifications OpenAPI
Read Notifications (POST) /notifications/read OpenAPI
oEmbed (GET) /oembed OpenAPI
Photo Upload (POST) /photo OpenAPI
Photos (GET) /photos OpenAPI
Search Pro Groups (GET) /pro/:urlname/groups OpenAPI
Search Pro Members (GET) /pro/:urlname/members OpenAPI
Search Issued Pro Tickets (GET) /pro/:urlname/tickets OpenAPI
Recommended Events (GET) /recommended/events OpenAPI
Recommend Group Topics (GET) /recommended/group_topics OpenAPI
Recommended Groups (GET) /recommended/groups OpenAPI
Recommended Groups Ignore (POST) /recommended/groups/ignores/:urlname OpenAPI
Recommended Venues (GET) /recommended/venues OpenAPI
RSVP (POST) /rsvp OpenAPI
Rsvps (GET) /rsvps OpenAPI
Report Abuse (POST) /self/abuse_reports OpenAPI
Unblock member (DELETE) /self/blocks/:member_id OpenAPI
Block status (GET) /self/blocks/:member_id OpenAPI
Block member (POST) /self/blocks/:member_id OpenAPI
Member Calendar (GET) /self/calendar OpenAPI
Member Events (GET) /self/events OpenAPI
Member groups (GET) /self/groups OpenAPI
API Status (GET) /status OpenAPI
Topics (GET) /topics OpenAPI
Report Group (POST) /:urlname/abuse_reports OpenAPI
Discussion Posts (GET) /:urlname/boards/:bid/discussions/:did OpenAPI
Discussions (GET) /:urlname/boards/:bid/discussions OpenAPI
Discussion Boards (GET) /:urlname/boards OpenAPI
Event comment delete (DELETE) /:urlname/events/:event_id/comments/:comment_id OpenAPI
Event Comment Unlike (DELETE) /:urlname/events/:event_id/comments/:comment_id/likes OpenAPI
Event Comment and Reply Likes (GET) /:urlname/events/:event_id/comments/:comment_id/likes OpenAPI
Event Comment Like (POST) /:urlname/events/:event_id/comments/:comment_id/likes OpenAPI
Event Comments List (GET) /:urlname/events/:event_id/comments OpenAPI
Event comment and reply (POST) /:urlname/events/:event_id/comments OpenAPI
Event Hosts (GET) /:urlname/events/:event_id/hosts OpenAPI
Event Photos (GET) /:urlname/events/:event_id/photos OpenAPI
Photo Comment Delete (DELETE) /:urlname/events/:event_id/photos/:photo_id/comments/:comment_id OpenAPI
Photo Comments (GET) /:urlname/events/:event_id/photos/:photo_id/comments OpenAPI
Photo Comment (POST) /:urlname/events/:event_id/photos/:photo_id/comments OpenAPI
Event Photo Delete (DELETE) /:urlname/events/:event_id/photos/:photo_id OpenAPI
Event Photo (GET) /:urlname/events/:event_id/photos/:photo_id OpenAPI
Event Photo Edit (PATCH) /:urlname/events/:event_id/photos/:photo_id OpenAPI
Event Photo Upload (POST) /:urlname/events/:event_id/photos OpenAPI
Close Rsvps (POST) /:urlname/events/:event_id/rsvps/close OpenAPI
Event RSVP list (GET) /:urlname/events/:event_id/rsvps OpenAPI
Open Rsvps (POST) /:urlname/events/:event_id/rsvps/open OpenAPI
RSVP Create and Update (POST) /:urlname/events/:event_id/rsvps OpenAPI
Group Events (GET) /:urlname/events OpenAPI
Attendance (GET) /:urlname/events/:id/attendance OpenAPI
Attendance Taking (POST) /:urlname/events/:id/attendance OpenAPI
Event Delete (DELETE) /:urlname/events/:id OpenAPI
Get Event (GET) /:urlname/events/:id OpenAPI
Update Event (PATCH) /:urlname/events/:id OpenAPI
Event Payments (POST) /:urlname/events/:id/payments OpenAPI
Create Event (POST) /:urlname/events OpenAPI
Get Group (GET) /:urlname OpenAPI
Membership Decline (DELETE) /:urlname/member/approvals OpenAPI
Membership Approval (POST) /:urlname/member/approvals OpenAPI
Group Profile list (GET) /:urlname/members OpenAPI
Delete Group Member Profile (Leave Group) (DELETE) /:urlname/members/:member_id OpenAPI
Get Group Member Profile (GET) /:urlname/members/:member_id OpenAPI
Edit Group Member Profile (PATCH) /:urlname/members/:member_id OpenAPI
Group Join (POST) /:urlname/members OpenAPI
Photo Album (GET) /:urlname/photo_albums/:album_id OpenAPI
Album Photos (GET) /:urlname/photo_albums/:album_id/photos OpenAPI
Album Photo Upload (POST) /:urlname/photo_albums/:album_id/photos OpenAPI
Photo Album List (GET) /:urlname/photo_albums OpenAPI
Album Photos (GET) /:urlname/photos OpenAPI
Group Edit (POST) /:urlname OpenAPI
Similar groups (GET) /:urlname/similar_groups OpenAPI
Group Topics Remove (DELETE) /:urlname/topics OpenAPI
Group Topics Add (POST) /:urlname/topics OpenAPI
Group Venues (GET) /:urlname/venues OpenAPI
Venue Create (POST) /:urlname/venues OpenAPI